[android:05009] Fwd: Android Accessibility Suite 6.2 is now live!

2018/06/22 16:31:13

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Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2018 12:18:04 -0700
Subject: Android Accessibility Suite 6.2 is now live!

Hello everyone!
We are happy to announce the official release of Android Accessibility
Suite 6.2.
Visit the Play Store for description of this package


Notable changes in this release include:
1. TalkBack: new focus management strategy, various bug fixes, including
those reported during the beta cycle.
2. Switch Access: much improved spoken feedback (with new sound and
vibration settings), Bluetooth setup flows are now part of Switch Access
(starting from O and above).

We are happy to announce the launch of the public beta of TalkBack 6.2.
As always, the word “beta” suggests that this version of Talkback may
not always work as expected and you should take special care when
putting it on your devices that you use for everyday needs.
Those of you who will decide to participate in the beta cycle, should
head over to http://g.co/talkbackbeta to sign up.
As always, your feedback is very important to us, especially as it
relates to any regressions or new bugs. When discussing these, please
stay as close to the topic in question as possible. THis makes it
easier for us to monitor your comments.

What’s new in TalkBack 6.2
The major feature of this release is the new focus management strategy
that TalkBack will use as you navigate between apps and various
screens of Android OS. In particular,
TalkBack will attempt to remember the the position of the
accessibility focus between different screens and restore it when you
return to them (wherever possible)
When you open new windows or if the previous position could not be
found, the focus will be placed on the first actionable item in that
In dialogs, such as Global Context Menu or Local Context Menu, we will
read the title of the dialog first but place the focus on the first
actionable element in that window, thus saving you a lot of swipes
The above-mentioned focus strategy will currently not be applied
inside web views or web browsers
Talkback will no longer announce “showing items X of Y out of Z”
whenever animations take place inside apps or views scroll. Such
feedback was often incorrect, out of place or disorienting. However,
When scrolling forward and backward using TalkBack’s scroll gestures
(swipe right-then-left or swipe left-then-right respectively), the
“showing items X of Y out of Z” announcement will still be spoken
You can toggle between new and old behaviors for scroll event
announcements under TalkBack’s Verbosity settings
We fixed several minor issues related to Android TV

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